An experimental virus-interferring RNA inspired by nature for the treatment of SARS-2 and Covid-19.


SARS-2 AmpliVIR is a non-infectious RNA-based treatment that rapidly suppresses SARS-2 virulance by reprogramming the virus to self-inactivate (Spike shown in PINK). This treatment is only functional within SARS-2 infected cells..

by SARS-2

SARS-2 AmpliVIR RNA is a treatment that is exclusively amplied by SARS-2 infections (amplification in RED)- enabling potent suppression of SARS-2 from a minute treatment dose.

replicated by

SARS-2 infected cells replicate, package and spread AmpliVIR particles to other infected cells- leading to widespread viral suppression. This replication, export and suppression cycle silently repeats until the SARS-2 virus is inactivated- at which point the AmpliVIR RNA and AmpliVIR particles naturally degrade away.

to stop

SARS-2 AmpliVIR is a post-infection treatment designed to significantly and rapidly reduce infectivity and illness by suppressing viral gene expression that occurs in the first 12-14 days of infection and specifically reduce immunological over-expression associated with later stage illness.

and keep us

SARS-2 AmpliVIR is a treatment that traces the footsteps of SARS-2 infections and can potentially treat individuals, families or infection-clusters from a single treated individual- without affecting 'SARS-2 negative' individuals. Contrary to social-distancing, AmpliVIR treatments encourage togetherness of those infected with SARS-2 infections and treated with AmpliVIR.

A modern

AmpliVIRâ„¢ is a mission-driven, pre-clinical development program exploring the potential of a modern infectious-disease treatment platform- an RNA-based treatment that is replicated by a viral infection, inactivates infectious virus, and offers subviral gene silencing to treat later stages of infection-associated disease. SARS-2 AmpliVIR is proof-of-concept intranasal product of this platform for the treatment of SARS-2 infections.